I see therapy as one of the strongest avenues for self-fulfillment that you have at your disposal. It doesn’t matter whether you are seeking self-improvement such as becoming a better artist, parent, spouse, etc. or relief from pain or a hurtful situation. Therapy can achieve any of these goals.

Counselor Dr. Welk

We are incredible beings that have a capacity for reaching any aspiration we choose. It is my experience that with vision, clarity, guidance, and tenacity each of us can find answers through therapy. Those answers lead to growth, rejuvenation, or the repurposing of a traumatic event or hurtful set of circumstances.
It is my belief that we all can have, not only, peaceful lives but can thrive. Furthermore, we can have purposeful lives filled with contentment, satisfaction, and happiness. I am grateful that as a therapist I have the opportunity to be a catalyst, guide, mentor, and a healer to those who want relief from painful circumstances and/or who want more from life than just “getting by”. Therapy for any of these reasons can lead to permanent change and a fulfilling existence.

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